# Prisma-AppSync

# 👾 What is this?

Prisma-AppSync is a custom Generator for Prisma 2 (opens new window), that automatically generates a fully working AWS AppSync ⚡ GraphQL CRUD API.

# ✨ Automatically generated

  • GraphQL Schema: Designed to work with AWS AppSync scalar types and directives.
  • Client: Prisma Client on steroids, that can handle CRUD operations out-of-the-box.
  • API Docs: Documentation for the GraphQL CRUD API (see example).

# ✔️ Features

  • AppSync CRUD API (get/list/create/update/delete/deleteMany).
  • Extensible TypeScript Class with support for hooks and custom resolvers.
  • Support for AppSync authorization modes, as well as fine-grained access control.
  • Real-time subscriptions (onCreated/onUpdated/onDeleted).
  • Exposes Prisma relation queries (create/connect/connectOrCreate/update/upsert/delete/disconnect/set/updateMany/deleteMany).
  • Full CloudWatch logs for easy debugging on AWS.
  • XSS data sanitization by default.

# ⚓ Compatibility

  • Prisma 2.24.1